Toklat River Survey

The Toklat River in Denali National Park and Preserve and had never been surveyed until the summer of 2014, when a small field crew conducted a backpack archaeological survey of the west fork of the Toklat River, in Denali National Park and Preserve. The crew was comprised of a Washington State University Ph.D. student, Jacob Adams, two geographers from the Karl-Franzens Universit├Ąt Graz (Graz, Austria), Nicole Kamp and Michael Haid, and myself of the UA Museum of the North. The survey took place from August 13 through August 21. We located two new archaeological sites and dug over twenty shovel tests. This project is part of a planned multi-year investigation of the Toklat River drainages. Funding for the 2014 field season was provided by Alaska Geographic.

2014 Toklat River Field Crew, left to right: S. Coffman, J. Adams, N. Kamp, and M. Haid (Photo by N. Kamp)

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