Southcentral Alaska Raw Material Project

The goal of this project was to identify high quality toolstone on the landscape in southcentral Alaska. The abstract is below: 
Recent investigations along the middle course of the Susitna River have led to the partial recovery of two small but informative artifact assemblages from the vicinity of Trapper Creek in southcentral Alaska . This preliminary report on the variety and spatial distribution of lithic raw material from these sites poses unique questions regarding the role of high and low quality toolstone, resource learning, and raw material procurement strategies among prehistoric hunter-gatherers. Lithic refit studies have also revealed aspects of site structure, particularly with regard to the vertical provenience of artifacts.
Funding for this project was provided by the NSF EPSCoR Summer Research Award from the University of Nevada, Reno

The field crew along the Chulitna River, summer 2006: Kelly Graf, Brant Ivey, Ted Goebel, Richie Bednarski.